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Volunteering – Active Schools

Please complete the form at the link below if you wish to volunteer on an extra-curricular basis in the Oldmachar ASG.

What is Active Schools?


Active Schools is a key element in the Scottish Government’s drive to get more Scots more active; a commitment outlined in the National Physical Activity Strategy, ‘Let’s Make Scotland More Active’.

The fundamental aim of the Active Schools Network is to offer all children and young people the opportunities and motivations to adopt active, healthy lifestyles now and into adulthood. These opportunities are available before, during and after school, as well as in the wider community. Active Schools is more than just getting school-aged children to take part in formal sport and exercise.  Active Schools also aims to introduce more physical activity into daily lives through active travel, play and formal sport.  As such, the physical activity and sport element of Active Schools links closely with a number of other key government initiatives – Health Promoting School and Safer Routes to Schools, to name just two – and is supported by a broad range of partners.

Active Schools also impacts on a number of other key policies and initiatives, such as the Curriculum for Excellence, which has an important role to play in promoting the health and well being of children and young people and all of those in the educational communities to which they belong.


The Role of an Active Schools Co-ordinator


The role of an Active Schools Co-ordinator (ASC) is to support current, and develop new, high quality opportunities for school pupils to participate in regular, frequent, safe and fun physical activity (incorporating sport, play, health and active travel).

The ASC works to develop the capacity of the local communities by delivering training and workshops, or offer advice and support in relation to grants, funding applications, coaching qualifications, links to national governing bodies and much more.

ASCs work with a range of partners such as active communities development officers, physical education, sport and physical activity clubs, school travel co-ordinator, road safety officers, community education, active communities officers and NHS Grampian.

Our Active Schools Coordinator, Cameron Robinson, coordinates a range of after school activities for pupils.

If a parent is interested in running an after school club they should contact the school office.  Active Schools also organises a range of activities which take place at Oldmachar Academy and other local leisure facilities.

For further information on these activities please contact Cameron at