Welcome to Greenbrae School

Greenbrae School opened in October 1977 and is a single storey building of an “open plan” design and comprises two main teaching areas. An extension was opened in January 2002 comprising two classroom areas and a nursery.

It lies to the south of Greenbrae Crescent and is centrally placed to receive children from the housing estates of Greenbrae, Denmore Park, Dubford and Mariner’s View.

In June 2009, with the support of our PTA, we purchased an Adventure Trail for our playground which has helped encourage our pupils to be active.

Due to a predicted increase in the school roll because of new housing under construction in the local area work on a two story extension to the school began in January 2016. This extension will comprise of 8 new classrooms and a new gym hall.The completion date is estimated to be January 2017.

Pupils, parents and staff are all very excited about the forthcoming extension to our school here at Greenbrae. The new facilities and space in which the extension will offer will enhance the opportunities for teachers to provide the children with rich learning experiences.

At the same time with the increasing roll the extension will allow for the growing community and we look forward to welcoming our new pupils. In particular we are looking forward to having dual projection in which classrooms which will allow us to operate one of the most advanced IT systems in the city.

The outdoor facilities for the whole school, including friendship benches, and the adaptability of open and closed classrooms will encourage social interaction.