Primary 3 Class Newsletter – Term 4

Primary 3 Class Newsletter – Term 4


Primary 3 have been working very hard since coming back from the April holidays. It has been a real joy to get to know the children in the last few weeks, and I look forward to continuing to develop these relationships during the rest of this term.


Literacy and English

So far this term the children have been learning to write recount pieces of writing, focusing on events that happened in the past. In the coming weeks Primary 3 will develop skills in writing reports; the children will bring in their prior knowledge of various features of grammar and punctuation to assist them.

Core targets for literacy will continue to be reinforced across learning. The children will be encouraged to self-check for correct punctuation and consider letter formation carefully in all written tasks. Common words will be regularly revised through spelling, reading and writing tasks alongside weekly phoneme words.


Numeracy and Mathematics

We have begun to learn about division and the ways that this number operation links with multiplication. The children have been using their knowledge of the multiplication tables to solve division questions. Quick mental agility is a cornerstone of numeracy so it would be beneficial if you could continue to ask your children mental maths questions at home. Questions could include addition, subtraction and any of the multiplication tables that they have been learning this year.

We will also be learning about time this term with a focus on reading a clock in quarter-hour intervals. The children will learn to do this both on analogue and digital clocks. It would be hugely beneficial if you could help your child by encouraging them to tell the time at home.


Interdisciplinary Learning

Primary 3 will have two topics this term. The first topic will be ‘Our Amazing Universe’ where the children will collaborate in experiments on different ways of producing sound from vibrations. In the latter part of this term we will focus on the topic, ‘You, Me and Us’ in which the children will develop an awareness of their growing bodies, including the functions of the skeleton and major organs.


General Reminders

  • P.E. classes will be on a Friday morning. P3 also have a 4 week sports block which is being run by students from Robert Gordons University. These sessions will run from Friday 27th April until Friday 18th May. Our sessions coincide with our regular P.E. slot so children should bring their P.E. kit as normal.
  • Library sessions will be on a Tuesday this term. Book will be changed every second week.
  • Homework is issued weekly, literacy on a Monday and mathematics on a Tuesday, with both due in on a Friday.
  • Reading books are studied in class twice a week. Diaries will continue to give details of reading homework
  • Reading folders and diaries should be brought to school every day.
  • Water bottles for use in class should be only be filled with water.
  • Toys (including cuddly toys) should only be brought to school on a Friday if children wish to play with them during Golden Time.
  • If you have not already done so, please label all of your children’s belongings as this reduces the likelihood of their property getting lost.


If you would like to speak with me then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind Regards,


Mr C Bridle