P1D Term 4 Newsletter

P1D Class Newsletter

April 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,



This term will be continuing to learn our digraphs (two letters which make a sound together) and use these sounds to build on our sentence writing. In Grammar lessons, we will continue to develop our use of capital letters and full stops and start to use connectives such as ‘and’ and ‘because’ to make our sentences more interesting. We will continue to learn 2/3 ‘Common Words’ weekly in class. This term our words are: here, there, they, one, like, live, give, what, when, where, who, which, why. In our Taught Writing lessons, we will be focusing on writing imaginative stories to include who, what, when and why. We will shortly begin another block of ‘Show and Tell’ to allow the children to build on their listening and talking skills.


In Maths, we will be learning about Money though lots of practical games and activities. The children will have opportunities to identify coins up to £2, make amounts up to 20p, to represent amounts using different combinations and give change up to 20p. We will continue our unit of measurement by looking at weight and capacity before moving on to Time.  In Numeracy, we will extend our addition and subtraction skills by working with numbers to 20. Maths homework will continue to be issued on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday.


We are beginning this term with a whole school topic, ‘Amazing Universe’. For our class we will be focussing on Plants and will be carrying out an experiment, learning about what plants need to grow and naming their basic parts. We will also be exploring living things in our local environment – covering areas such as life cycles, food chains and habitats. Towards the end of the term we will move onto another topic called ‘You, Me and Us’.


PE days will continue to be Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is really helpful if children could bring appropriate PE kit of shorts and t-shirt on those days, and if pupils with long hair could have it tied back. PE days can be subject to change so it would be helpful if children could bring their PE kit to school in their bag every day.  Library day will continue to be a Friday.  Please remember that children will not be able to select a new book until the previous one has been returned.

It would also be really helpful if children could bring their reading folders to school every day as we often use the sound and number cards as part of our classroom learning.  Please continue to check the folders daily when they come home for homework and also for letters.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Bews and Mrs Robertson