Term 3 in Primary 2/3

P2/3 have had an extremely busy term with lots of hard work, events and fun.

This term we have been looking at different jobs in our community. We have looked at different roles within the school community and why these are important in running our school. We have also looked at the weather and the water cycle. In RME we have been focussing on Hinduism and looked at the different gods in Hinduism and what they represent.


Primary 2/3 were very lucky to have the opportunity to take part in Aberdeen Sports Village’s search for diving talent in the North East. This involved the class taking part in a range of fitness activities, such as pull ups, long jumps and sit ups.

We’ve enjoyed our weekly trips to the school library and reading with our Primary 6 buddies. Primary 2/3 have enjoyed writing descriptions for a hero and monster and using these to write an imaginative story. Weekly spelling tests on Fridays have continued and are completed to a high standard.

On Pi Day, we celebrated outdoor maths by going outside to use ropes and plastic rods to make giant clocks. Small teams had to race to make the hands of the clock when a time was shouted out to see which team was fastest. The class enjoyed this challenge and special thanks should be given to Mrs Duncan (P6) for organising the day.

Primary 2/3 enjoyed taking part in a range of special events this term. World Book Day was a great success and it was lovely to see the class dressed as their favourite characters despite all the snow! We also enjoyed a range of activities themed around Chinese New Year, organised by the Confucius Institute and Mrs Kane (P2). These included a ribbon dance, listening to traditional Chinese Music/Peking Theatre and a Lion Dance!

I hope you all enjoy the holidays and are ready for another term of hard work when we return.


Mr Gray