Term 3 in P4

Term 3 is coming to an end, it has been a busy term and I have very much enjoyed getting to know the school and the class. P4 have been very welcoming and have helped me to learn about the school and settle in well.


This term in maths we have been learning to tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks as well as refreshing days, months and seasons. We have also been reading tables and bar graphs and we then made some of our own. We enjoyed taking part in outdoor maths day and doing some outdoor estimation with P2.


This term P4 studied the non-fiction text ‘Incredible Insects’ as a class. The class learned about terms such as contents page, glossary and index and also a number of key reading skills such as finding and using information and taking notes.

This term writing has been focused on creating newspaper articles. We have been learning note taking skills from watching Newsround and then using our notes to create an article using  a newspaper format. The class have been encouraged to use a suitable heading, use paragraphs to break up their writing and to include a quote or two.


In the second part of the term we have been comparing Scotland and Brazil. The class have enjoyed learning about land use and comparing farming and forests in both countries. We created and carried out our own experiment to test what plants needed to grow and survive. As predicted only the plant which was given light, food and water survived.

It has been a great term and I am now looking forward to term 4.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays,

Mrs Phillips