P1B End of Term News

After 12 busy weeks, term 3 is coming to a close and P1B would like to share some of the work they have been doing.

Outdoor learning

We have enjoyed all our outdoor activities this term with a mix of weather conditions, sometimes all in the one day!

We enjoyed Mrs Thomson’s visits over 3 weeks teaching us about the story of ‘The Creation’ and also helping us with our project work on looking after our world. ‘Mud Pi Day’ saw us outside for most of the day working on further developing our maths skills on time, money, shape and calculating number bonds to 10 (and sometimes 20!) Postponed from term 2, we visited the woods at Denmore for our ‘Stick Man’ storytelling session and to collect materials to use for our maths and art activities back in class. The sun shone for us on the day and we had a lovely time. We also went to the ‘Fairy Woods’ at Fedderate and we were able (at last!) to post our letters, follow the fairy trail and enjoy hot chocolate, fairy cakes and toasted marshmallows. Although the weather was not so kind to us, we had fun and enjoyed the magic of the woods.


This term, we continued our work on subtraction. We also worked on money, ordering coins, counting collections and calculating change. Well done, for completing the practical homework activities on money. I enjoyed looking at all your work and displaying it in the classroom to share with everyone. We started work on time, telling the time to the hour and also ordering the days of the week.


We have completed some of our digraphs this term (sh ch th ee oo ai) and will continue to work on these and build words in term 4. We practise our tricky words every week too. We have been spotting punctuation in our reading books and storybooks shared in class and discussing when we need to use these. We have been practising our writing and using the skills we have been learning in our work. This includes writing our tricky words, using our word building skills and adding punctuation.


We have been learning about ‘People who help us’ and the importance of recycling. We interviewed staff in school to find out about their jobs and how they help us. We also went to the kitchen to find out how all our catering staff help us (and to make cookies too of course)! We made recycling signs and put them up around the school to remind everyone to recycle.

We welcomed Miss Rennie to P1B. Miss Rennie is in her final year of her teaching degree and spent 4 weeks in class. The boys and girls very much enjoyed her time in class and we look forward to welcoming her back after the Easter holidays for her final 4 week practice.

After all that work, it’s time for a well-deserved break! Have a lovely holiday and I will hear all your Easter holiday news when term 4 begins!