P1D Newsletter Term 3

P1D Class Newsletter

January 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a relaxing holiday.



This term we are continuing to use our letter sounds to build words and when the children are ready, we will progress to learning digraphs (two letters which make a sound together).  We will also be focusing on writing sentences – practising the use of finger spaces between words and the use of capital letters and full stops.  In story writing, the children will be using our word wall to help them write their stories independently.  The children will have opportunities to write across a variety of genres – stories, recounts, letters, posters etc. Each week a few common words are being introduced in class, which will continue to help the children to become more confident with reading and writing. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to develop their talking and listening skills throughout this term, through Show and Tell activities, group work and reciting their Scottish poem.  Handwriting and fine motor skills will continue to be developed each week too.


In Maths, we will be learning about 3D shape and symmetry.  The children will have opportunities to investigate shape and symmetrical patterns, as well as sorting the shapes according to their size and features.  We will also be exploring weight and capacity, with lots of practical hands-on activities.  In our Numeracy lessons, we will be continuing to look at number recognition, correct number formation, counting and some addition and subtraction.  Maths homework will begin this term and will be issued weekly on a Monday to be returned on the Friday of that week.


We will be undertaking a few topics this term.  We are currently finishing off our Toys project, which is focusing on forces and on how things work.  Our next project will focus on our local environment, exploring local landmarks and services.  We hope to reintroduce our weekly Outdoor Learning sessions so that we can get first-hand experience of the local area.  Towards the end of this term, we will move onto a topic called ‘Around the World’.


PE days will continue to be Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It is really helpful if children could bring appropriate PE kit of shorts and t-shirt on those days, and if pupils with long hair could have it tied back.  Library day will now be a Friday.  Please remember that children will not be able to select a new book until the previous one has been returned.


It would also be really helpful if children could bring their reading folders to school every day as we often use the sound and number cards as part of our classroom learning.  Please continue to check the folders daily when they come home for homework and also for letters.


Thank you for all your support so far in Primary 1.  It is greatly appreciated.

Mrs du Plessis and Mrs Robertson